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MAGE: Lozaria Freyg by saiseirei MAGE: Lozaria Freyg by saiseirei

((Mage Item ref and better ref for mage outfit and Obi will be added later.))

Name: Lozaria "Aria" Freyg
Real Name: xxxxxxx xxxxxx
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Mage Type: Standard
Mage Item/Weapon: Rosary bracelet / Cross Wand
Familiar: "Obi" Post Obitum

Hair: strawberry blonde
Eyes: bloody red
Height: 4'8

:: STATS ::
[5 | 4 (+5) | 30 | 21 | 40]
[Power | Potential | Magic | Speed | Luck]

:bulletwhite: Everyone (LOLOLOL)
:bulletwhite: Sparkling and shiny objects
:bulletwhite: "Happy" things
:bulletwhite: Flowers particularly sunflowers
:bulletwhite: Sweets particularly gummy bears (knows how to manage indulgence)
:bulletwhite: Fluffy and Soft things
:bulletwhite: Sock Puppets
:bulletwhite: Family Love
:bulletwhite: Communal activities

:bulletblack: Death
:bulletblack: Certain insects or bugs
:bulletblack: ((Will add more))

:bulletred: Maternal, domestic, and loves to nurture others
:bulletred: "Wears her heart on her sleeves" -- She displays her emotions openly
:bulletred: Sympathetic and quick to show their affection.
:bulletred: Quick to help others and tend to avoid confrontation
:bulletred: Has difficulty in sharing her innermost feelings
:bulletred: "First to laugh and first to cry"
:bulletred: Tenacious and strong-willed
:bulletred: Ultimately motivated by protecting loved ones
:bulletred: Can be overly sensitive, easily hurt, and prone to brooding
:bulletred: Tends to pick up on things and bring them in
:bulletred: Resist the temptation to become selfish or to feel sorry for herself
:bulletred: Good with money -- value a sense of security
:bulletred: Self-confidence is sometimes unsteady
:bulletred: Can become over-protective
:bulletred: Knows the art of patience
:bulletred: Sticks with what she does when her mind is made up, seeing it through to the end
:bulletred: Loyal and faithful
:bulletred: Has a strong sense of tradition

:: SKILLS :: ((Full Support))
:bulletred: Agnus Dei - Single Target (Can't be cast to self) | Protection
Description: Full protection both physical/magical attacks and status ailments (i.e. poison, etc.) for the target, but damages and effects will reflect to caster.
Visuals: The plate (one around Aria's chest) will detach from caster, and attaches itself to the target.
Deactivation Spell: "Release" - Unlinks the spell and detaches the plate from the target and returns back to the caster.

:bulletred: Ecclesia Dei - Area of Effect | Barrier | Range: 4 meters diameter
Description: Anything within the circumference of the 10 orbs is protected from both physical and magical attacks. Strength of barrier is dependent on caster's magic.
Visuals: The 10 orbs around Aria expands and forms a magical barrier. For the barrier to remain up, Aria has to continuously sing the verse. When the barrier breaks, the orbs break along it; They will however return (as beads) or be of usage again (during the next transformation) when she reverts back to her original form.

*Note 1: More Mages = More damages received by barrier = more susceptible to faster breakage.
*Note 2: Caster must maintain concentration and singing for the barrier to remain unless it gets broken. Also means that caster cannot move from her spot or the barrier breaks.


Name: "Obi" Post Obitum
Type: Teru teru bozu Nun
Age: Unknown

Additional Info:
:bulletblue: Doesn't (but can) eat normal or human food. Same does for drinking. Only eats --Unknown-- .
:bulletblue: She repels 'natural' rain within 1 meter radius; a handy umbrella for such weathers.

FULL REF: [link]
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Kirostyle Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
Both so cuteeeee I love their designs, Sai! So glad you got into MAGE like you wanted! 8D
And yay, defensive powers, she'll be very useful for all those daredevil mages ahahahahaha
saiseirei Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icontearplz: Ah! Thanks! Glad I got in yeah.

Because she doesn't like hurting anyone, even if that anyone is going to kill her LMAO. So yeah, support skills for her.
JouheiK Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
she's like all my fetishes rolled into one I mean, look at this cutie :iconblushplz:
saiseirei Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconeyezoomfojlplz: F-fetish...

:iconheplz: Oh yeah, would love Aria have to meet with Rem, so hope to snag an rp with you someday as well!
JouheiK Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
:iconmingreactionplz: rem isn't worth her time
saiseirei Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconeyezoomfojlplz: Who said so? Aria wouldn't. :iconmingplz:
JouheiK Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
I did :iconmingteatimeplz:
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